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  1. Your contract is with S.J.Brooks, t/a Glenfield Travel.
  1. A signed booking form completed on behalf of all members of the party is required. Upon payment of the following deposit a receipt will be issued confirming your reservation. £50 per person. British Coach Holidays. If after our confirmation has been issued you wish to change to another of our holidays we will do our utmost to make the changes provided notification is received at our office from the person who signed the booking form at least 6 weeks before departure No alteration fee will be payable.
  1. A request for the balance of the holiday cost will be sent to you 8 weeks prior to departure and the amount must be paid at least 6 weeks before the Holiday commences. Upon receipt of the balance due, full travel information, luggage labels etc, will be forwarded (approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure).
  1. Should you wish to cancel your holiday after booking is confirmed, a written communication to this office is required. If the cancellation is made more than 42 days prior to departure the deposit paid will be forfeited. (This is necessary as administration costs will have been incurred). In the event of cancellation within 42 days of departure, for whatever reason the following scale of cancellation charges will apply.

Outside 56 days: loss of deposit only

29 to 42 days: 45%

15 to 28 days: 60%

7 to 14 days: 90%

0 to 7 days: 100%

  1. If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform our Driver who will endeavour to put things right quickly. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally, please contact our Head Office within 28 days of your return home by writing to our Customer Services Department at 3 Station Road, Glenfield, giving your original booking reference number and all other relevant information. Failure to notify a complaint to our Driver or to our Supplier at the resort, together with a follow-up letter to our Head Office, may lose you any entitlement to compensation due to failure to comply with such deadlines. It is unlikely that you will have a complaint that cannot be settled amicably between us. However, disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contract which cannot be amicably settled, may (if you wish) be referred to arbitration under a special scheme, which, though devised by arrangement with the Association of British Travel agents, is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The scheme, details of which can be supplied on request, provides for a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on the customer in respect of costs. The scheme does not apply to claims for an amount greater than £1,500 per person or £7,500 per booking form. Neither does it apply to claims which are solely or mainly in respect of physical injury or illness or the consequence of such injury or illness. If you elect to seek redress under this scheme, written notice requesting arbitration must me made within 9 months after the scheduled date of return from holiday. Full details are available from the Association of British travel Agents, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ
  1. Surcharge Guarantee. The prices quoted in this brochure are guaranteed.
  1. It it unlikely we will have to make any changes to your holiday, but we do plan the arrangements many months in advance. Occasionally changes may be made, which we reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes are minor, and we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If a major change becomes necessary, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before departure. When a major change occurs, provided it does not arise from circumstances amounting to fore majeure (see below), you will have the choice of either accepting the change of arrangements, purchasing another available holiday from us, or cancelling your holiday, In all cases we will pay compensation as detailed below.

7 Nights                  Less Than 7 Nights

43 – 56 days            £10                          Nil

29 – 42 days            £15                          Nil

15 – 28 Days            £20                          £10

0 – 14 days              £25                          £15

Important Notice: Compensation will not be payable if we are forced to cancel, or in any way change your holiday due to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.

  1. We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your holiday. However, in no case will we cancel your holiday less than 4 weeks before scheduled departure date except for reasons of force majeure or failure on your party to pay the final balance. In circumstances where we are unable to provide the holiday booked, we will return to you monies paid, or offer you an alternative holiday of comparable standard and if a cancellation occurs within 6 weeks of departure, compensation on a similar scale to that shown in scale 7 above.
  1. We accept responsibility for ensuring the holiday which you book with us is supplied as described in this brochure and the services offered reach a reasonable standard. If any part is not provided as promised, we will pay appropriate compensation if this has affected the enjoyment of your holiday. With regard to injury, illness or death, we accept responsibility for the negligent acts or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers together with their sub-contractors, though this liability will be limited to the extent of the relevant International Convention with regard to carriage by air or sea.
  1. Pets: Dogs and other pets will not be carried under any circumstance.
  1. No smoking allowed. Convenient stops will be made for the convenience of passengers wishing to smoke.
  1. Brochure publication date June 2018

INSURANCE Brief summary – Full details on request

  1. Loss of Deposits, Cancellation or Curtailment: Cover is granted up to the holiday cost for amounts forfeited if the journey is cancelled for most reasons beyond your control (including redundancy) providing these occur after the date of effecting this insurance.
  1. Baggage – Delayed Baggage, Personal Effects, Money: baggage is covered up to £2000. Single item limit of £300 applies. Up to £100 payable for the purchase of essentials if delivery of baggage is delayed more than 24 hours. Loss of cash, travel

tickets etc insured up to £150.

  1. Personal Accident: In the event of accidental death, loss of eyes or limbs or permanent total disablement the sum of £25,000 will be paid. Death benefit for minors under 16 is limited to £1,000.
  1. Personal Liability: indemnity is provided up to £2,000,000 for legal liability to third parties or their property All costs and expenses incurred with the insurers consent will also be paid.
  1. General information: All claims must be advised within 31 days. It is important to obtain a Police Report for money and theft claims and a Property Irregularity Report for damaged or lost baggage claims. The first £75 (per person) of each claim for cancellation (except loss of deposits £10) provided. Insured persons must not travel contrary to Doctors orders.
  1. Glenfield Travel need to be informed of any pre-existing medical conditions which may have a bearing upon the Insurance Cover. Please ask for details at time of booking.